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What is hosting and do I have to host with your server? The easiest answer is just like you, your website needs a home, a place to host your website. A host or server is a computer that stores websites so they can be viewed on the internet, you can not have a website without someplace to host it.

Does it have to be with us?
No, it doesn't have to be with us, there are many good servers out there and we will be glad to publish it to another server if you want. There is a $50 set up fee to publish to another server. We have tried to make our program very affordable with lots of extras. We feel that we have a good hosting program - More space and bandwidth than you will ever need, no pop up ads, 2 email accounts and a lot of extras.

Why pay for hosting when there are free servers available? Free sites such as Geocities and Tripod are acceptable for personal sites if you don't mind the pop up ads and advertising banners, but for a commercial site they do not give the impression that you are actually a business with any degree of success.

Hosting  We have tried to make ours as affordable as possible.
You do not have to have your site designed by Sherlock Designs to use our hosting services
****The system is set up so the site is temporarily shut down for overages. You may want to consider buying extra bandwidth.

$150  1 year
- Free set up.
100 MB disk space
2 GB monthly bandwidth.


Bandwidth Fee $50 year
If your site has a lot of traffic or is participating in mallcrawls, shop hops, etc. you will need to buy 5 GB of extra bandwidth. 

Hosting C (Large site)
$280  1 year
- Free set up
500 MB disk space
10 GB monthly bandwidth

Hosting - $50 set up fee.  If we design your site and you do not host with Sherlock Designs there is a one time set up fee for the extra work we will have to do on your hosting program. 

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