Web Site Design

We offer several different plans. Below is a brief description of each

Web Site Design
We offer full website design services.  We will design a website that will showcase your products and reflect your "personality".  We can maintain your website so you can do what you do best - run your business.

Sherlock Designer Basic
This package is designed so you can do it all - no html knowledge needed.  We will design the website layout and set up the shopping cart.  You do everything else, add your own categories and products, etc.  Unlimited pages, categories and products.

Sherlock Designer Plus
We set up the site  and you maintain your site.  The Designer Plus comes with your choice of predesigned templates. We have a large variety available, you choose the graphics and the layout. We will design the website, design 3 extra pages (about me, ordering, etc), set up the shopping cart, set up some of the categories, we will add up to 15 of your products, add a mailing list and lots of extras.

Sherlock Designer Supreme
This package is designed so you can maintain your site yourself.  We will design 6 extra pages of your choice (about me, ordering, etc), set up the shopping cart, set up  categories, add a mailing list, add a guestbook, add scrolling pictures (several different kinds available), a web link exchange page  and we will add up to 35 of your products.  You will add the rest of your products and categories,

Website in an Instant 
Want your site up quickly?  Then this program is for you!  Predesigned sites with Paypal shopping cart, that you maintain. Unlimited number of products and categories.  In addition to your own domain you are included in the Olde Country Peddler Mall.

Shopping Cart
The shopping cart is designed so you can maintain the site yourself - unlimited pages, categories and products  All you have to do is fill in a form and the program does all of the work for you.  The shopping cart can be set up to match your website or we can redesign your site.


Tutorials provided for maintaining your site and I am only a phone call away.

Fully customizable - the catalog can be modified to fit your specific needs click here for a list of the Sherlock Designer features and click here to see some of the sites with the Sherlock Designer.

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