payday loans with Financial Credit Institutions are an alternative financing for those who have been included in this registry, either fairly or by a discrepancy in the payment of an invoice or receipt. In the article we explain how this mechanism works and its advantages.

What are payday loans with Financial Credit Institutions?

What are personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions?

The payday loan with Financial Credit Institutions works exactly like a conventional loan, but the difference is that it is granted even if the person requesting it is registered in a file of defaulters.

Why does that happen? Actually, it does not have too much mystery. The main thing for the lender is to check that the person requesting the money can return it. And, although it seems the opposite to the naked eye, the truth is that being included in a file of defaulters does not imply that there is that problem, for several reasons:

1. A person who has had a default can be registered in the Financial Credit Institutions file for 6 years. It is not necessary to remember how much things can change in that period of time, so you have to take it into account. Maybe in a moment you stopped paying a receipt that you do not remember, but the debtor does; That means you’ll have to pay to be discharged.

2. Secondly, there are companies that use the registry in this file as a measure of pressure for the user to communicate with mill wheels. For example, if there is a discrepancy in the payment of the receipt, even if you can claim, input will be included. Since the lawsuit can take months or even years, there are many people who decide to pay and keep quiet. If this is not your case, perhaps you are included in Financial Credit Institutions without having to.

For all these reasons, the inclusion in a file of defaulters does not provide enough information when assessing the real risk of accepting an operation. In this way, many people who could not today can access the financing. We explain better how the process works in case you are interested.

The hiring of payday loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The hiring of personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The process of hiring a payday loan with Financial Credit Institutions is similar to that of the rest of the financial products, although the truth is that it is a   target in which fintech companies have specialized. In general, you will be asked to be of legal age and under 65 years of age, have legal residence in Spain, a bank account and a mobile phone. The lender will be in charge of carrying out the inquiries and, as a general rule, in a short period of time they will give you a definitive answer.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there are several advantages and disadvantages that you should know to make a conscious decision.


The first obvious advantage is that you will have the money even if you have some personal debt because, as we have said before, the main element is that you prove that you can repay the loan. In this way, people who once considered themselves unfit for a loan now become it; in the old days, it was unfair that many people did not give them loans when they were really solvent.

On the other hand, today the policy of granting payday loans has changed and, within limits, you will have several possibilities for repayment. Thus, you will have a certain ability to adapt when dealing with payments and you will be more relieved. It is not just the terms, but the amounts and the possibilities of fractioning the payment, which differ (and a lot) depending on the entity.

In addition, the concession processes are very fast. As Fintech companies have specialized in this market niche, the usual thing is that you can consult through your computer or a phone call and that in a few minutes you have a definitive answer. If you can not waste your time, this is one of the most interesting options that exist.

Another element that you have to consider is that this type of operation is granted for small expenses, normally no more than 1000 euros. Therefore, you will not have to acquire big commitments if what it is about is to pay for an appliance or a repair of your car and, in a few months, you will have settled the debt. Goodbye to having to carry years and years with the cross of a high amount.


The first drawback of this operation is that, by its very nature, the interest you are going to pay will be higher than if you were not included in any of these “blacklists”. This happens because the lender will assess the potential risks and, in most cases, these are greater. We are not going to cheat; Until a few years ago, giving a payday loan to someone on a defaulter list was the exception.

Another aspect to consider is that the margin of default in payments is minimal because the consequences are dire. This is usually the last resort, so you should only ask for it if you are sure that you will be able to pay because, if not, you can be sure that they will not give you loans anywhere else.

Finally, you must know that the amounts that will be granted will be less than in a conventional payday loan, so it is a possibility that will not compensate you in many cases. If you have to make an expense of a certain entity, it is preferable that you explore other options.



The payday loans with Financial Credit Institutions are an alternative for those people who have to face a payment with haste and need an alternative source of financing. Now, as the amounts that are granted are lower and the interest to pay higher, we recommend that you only use this resource when you have no choice. In Astro Finance we have a comparator that will let you know which is the offer that interests you the most and, on the other hand, we take care of analyzing carefully the different available offers.


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